The GOP Is in a State of Terminal Decay
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In its blind obedience to Trump's blatant coup attempt, the party has abandoned even the pretense of democratic principle—indeed, any principle other than holding on to power.
More than two weeks after the election, Donald Trump is showing no signs of recognizing Joe Biden's win. To the contrary, this week he fired Chris Krebs, the national security official who has spent much of the past several months working on election security issues and, post-election, debunking Trump's conspiracy claims. The tweets in which Trump announced Krebs's firing were so misleading that Twitter flagged them, disputing Trump's claim that the election had been rigged against him.

Meanwhile, the General Services Administration continues to block the transition process from moving forward. In the race for unadulterated political cowardice and buffoonery, the GSA's Emily Murphy is surely a front-runner at this point. She will, I sincerely hope, have to live the rest of her life being made constantly aware of the fact that she, out of fear of becoming the butt of Trump's Twitter trolling, collaborated in a fascist attempt to demolish the results of an election in which more Americans participated than ever before. This week, news reports surfaced that even while she was stonewalling on the transition process, she was looking for a new job. Best of luck with that effort, Ms. Murphy. Rather than qualifying as the poster child for the "Good American" of this fascist moment, you'd be lucky, frankly, to be hired as a sewer worker or a rat-catcher after the stunt you've pulled.

And on Tuesday, two GOP election officials in Wayne County, Mich., attempted to block certification of Detroit's vote count, so as to deprive Biden—who won Michigan by 148,000 votes, roughly 15 times the margin that Trump secured over Clinton there in 2016—of that state's 16 electoral votes. That single act of antidemocratic vandalism may well be the most outrageous attempted mugging of the American electorate since the height of Jim Crow.

While the Wayne County officials were forced by a torrent of public outrage to backpedal, the threat to America's democratic infrastructure remains…
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