The Groveland Four: Black men officially exonerated after more than 70 years
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Four young Black men falsely accused of raping a white woman more than 70 years ago in Florida — were exonerated Monday.Known as the Groveland Four, the cases became a travesty of justice that has marred Florida's history.Here are excerpts from the Associated Press report: "A judge on Monday offici...
"At the request of the local prosecutor, Administrative Judge Heidi Davis dismissed the indictments of Ernest Thomas and Samuel Shepherd, who were fatally shot by law enforcement, and set aside the convictions and sentences of Charles Greenlee and Walter Irvin. The men known as the Groveland Four, who ranged from 16 to 26 at the time, were accused of raping a woman in the central Florida town of Groveland in 1949."

Gov. Ron…
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