The iPhone 13 Pro just got a 120Hz display. Now it's the MacBook Pro's turn
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Now that the iPhone 13 Pro has ProMotion refresh rate tech, it's about time the MacBook Pro got it too. But there's a problem that could kill the whole idea.
At its California Streaming event yesterday, Apple announced it was bringing its adaptive refresh rate technology, dubbed ProMotion, to the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. This dynamically adjusts the display's refresh rate up to 120Hz depending on what you are doing. It's pretty neat.

The thing is, ProMotion has been on the iPad Pro since 2017, and now of course it's on iPhones. But there's one piece missing from the puzzle: The Mac. And I say it's about time Apple put that right.

Not just for games

Traditionally, any laptop offering refresh rates over 60Hz has been seen as a gaming device, and most of the progress here has indeed been made by gaming-focused companies. Some laptops even come with ridiculously fast 360Hz screens, should you want one.

All of which is to say that the technology for high refresh rates is certainly there. But Apple has never really committed to Mac gaming and barring a few dabbles like Apple Arcade, most Mac users know their device is not cut out for hardcore gaming.

Yet, gaming isn't the sole focus of ProMotion. When Apple unveiled ProMotion at its California Streaming show, the company mentioned gaming, but only as one of many benefits. All of Apple's own tech demonstrations focused more on everyday use, such as swiping between photos or scrolling down a page, and it was only when Apple wheeled out some third-party developers that gaming got any airtime. Clearly, Apple sees ProMotion as much more than just a game enhancer.

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