The Jeopardy Greatest of All Time tournament has bigger TV ratings than the NBA Finals
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The quiz tournament is averaging more viewers than the NBA Finals, World Series, and Stanley Cup.
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The Third Age of TV

First came broadcast, then cable, now streaming.

The latest Jeopardy! tournament is a TV ratings juggernaut, proving itself more popular with viewers than every major American sports league outside the NFL.

Jeopardy: Greatest of all Time, which pits the venerable quiz show's three all-time winningest contestants against each other in a battle for nerd supremacy, is averaging 15 million viewers in the US through its first three nights. That's more than the averages of last year's NBA Finals, World Series, Stanley Cup, and MLS Cup:

In fact, last week's third round of the Jeopardy! tournament would have been the 18th most-watched single-network US broadcast of 2019, about on par with the FIFA Women's World Cup final, the NCAA Men's Final…
Adam Epstein
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