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The joy of playing Escape From Tarkov in single player

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There are problems with Escape From Tarkov that you can fix by playing it by yourself
Tarkov Interchange, Norvinsk Economic Zone, 1500 hours. As I made my way to the extraction zone after wading through the remnants of a Swedish furniture store - a venture which had cost me most of my ammunition and the use of my left leg - I spotted a figure scrounging for supplies 300 metres away. Aiming my rifle, I took a shot, the bullet's echo so deafening that I could barely hear the Scav yelling Russian expletives at me.

This is just a microcosm of the stories to tell about Battlestate Games' online survival FPS Escape From Tarkov. In a genre that often either fails or doesn't try to convey any type of legitimate emotional response, raids in Tarkov become these enigmatic tales of the senses. My stories differ from most because I play Escape From Tarkov single-player.

Using the mod SPT-AKI, players create private servers that modify the game into a purely offline experience. From an artificial flea market, to the ability to customize bot difficulty, the mod does a great job of providing "a separate offline…
Amelia Hansford
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