The Latest: Ex-Afghan leader hosts tribal elders on 9/11
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Afghanistan's first 2001 post-Taliban president Hamid Karzai marked the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on America with a meeting of tribal elders at his high-walled compound in the Afghan capital where he has remained with his family since the August return of the Taliban to Kabul.
KABUL, Afghanistan —

In a tweet, Karzai called for "peace and stability" and expressed the hope that the new caretaker Cabinet that included no women and no non-Taliban would become an "inclusive government that can be the real face of the whole Afghanistan."



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WELLINGTON, New Zealand — New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said she was in the U.S. 20 years ago on Sept. 11 and it's a day she'll never forget.

"I still have the front pages of the newspapers from that time because it instantly felt like a moment from which everything would change," she said. "I saw firsthand the shock and fear that goes hand in hand with terrorism."

She said that after New Zealand experienced an attack at two mosques by a white supremacist gunman in 2019, which killed 51 and was livestreamed on Facebook, New Zealand had decided to play a leading role in combating online extremism.

She said New Zealand wanted to express unity with all the victims, families and loved ones affected by the Sept. 11 attacks.


NEW YORK — At sundown, two vertical beams of bright blue light shot upward through the darkened New York City sky, evoking the twin towers in an annual tribute visible for miles.

The "Tribute in Light" public art installation first shone six months after the Sept. 11 attacks and has been repeated each anniversary since, with the twin columns…
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