The Laziest, Most Efficient Way to Clean Just Before Guests Arrive
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You had every intention of cleaning up, but ran out of time.
Having people over is always more work than you think it's going to be. Even if you go in with the intention of keeping it casual, there's usually the moment about a half hour before guests are set to arrive that you realize that your home—which you initially didn't think was that bad—actually looks pretty sloppy.


You're basically out of time, but fortunately, it's possible to clean up in a quick, efficient way before anyone rings the doorbell. In an article for Better Homes and Gardens, Jessica Bennett walks us through how to do it.

Start with the entryway

This is the first thing people will see as they come into your home, so Bennett says it's important to pick up any messes on the floor, and declutter the space. Make sure there's room for your guests' shoes and coats (if there's a spot for them there), and either give the area a quick pass with a vacuum, or at least shake out any rugs.

Head to the kitchen

If you're serving food, you have an excuse as…
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