The mangled history of mainstream media and the Steele dossier
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Inevitably, this week, we started to see the news media backing off – even adjusting their files – over stories published about the so-called Steele dossier a couple of years ago. The effect is to force renewed thinking about links between Donald Trump and Russia. The reason for reconsideration ...
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Dunikoski peppered Travis McMichael about the multiple opportunities for him to have stopped chasing Arbery through the defendants' Satilla Shores neighborhood and avoided the deadly confrontation.

For example, Travis McMichael could have made sure his father had called 911 before going after Arbery, they could have let him run away while by Bryan's house, or stopped at the times where they lost sight of him, she said.

The McMichaels argue they were attempting a citizen's arrest on Arbery who had been captured several times by security cameras in a neighbor's home that was under construction. They have described their response that day as a reaction to a neighborhood on edge because of property crimes.

"So you're telling this jury that a man who has spent five minutes running away from you, you're now thinking is somehow going to want to continue to engage with you – someone with a shotgun – and your father, a man, who's just said, 'Stop or I'll blow your f****** head off,' by trying to get in their truck?'" Dunikoski asked.

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"Yes ma'am," Travis McMichael answered.

In another exchange, Dunikoski asked Travis McMichael why he continued to pursue Arbery after initial attempts to speak with him.

"Three times he's demonstrated to you that he does not want to talk to you, correct," she said. "He also demonstrated no threat to you, he hasn't pulled out a gun. He's not said one word to you, is not threatening you in any way, verbally or physically."

Likewise, Dunikoski questioned discrepancies between Travis McMichael's testimony, police statements, and what he told an officer after coming across Arbery outside the unoccupied home a couple of weeks earlier.

Throughout the grilling, Travis McMichael attributed his inconsistency to feeling stress…
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