The Many Kinds of Dishonesty
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A study reveals that while many people bend the truth, few are entirely dishonest.
Back in 2013, a study made headlines by revealing that 60 percent of people will lie to get more money.

The 2013 study used a "die-under-a-cup" task: Volunteers were given a six-sided die and asked to secretly roll it, then report what they rolled. The participants had previously been told that rolls of 1-5 would be rewarded by payment of $1 to $5, accordingly, while a roll of six would mean no payment. Lo and behold, a high proportion of participants reported rolling a five, while sixes were rare — suggesting that this was either a very lucky group of people, or not a very honest one.

Now, a new study has appeared, using a clever twist on the die-under-a-cup method. The new experiment reveals the surprising variety in the ways people lie and cheat.

Spanish psychologists David Pascual-Ezama et al. recruited 172 volunteers and asked them to roll a virtual die. Participants were asked to visit a certain website, and click to roll a simulated die once. They then had to report the roll, and were paid…
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