The Marvel Cinematic Universe is primed to introduce the wide world of alternate Lokis on Disney Plus
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It looks like the new Disney+ show will reveal—as the comics did many years ago—that there's more than one way to make a Loki.
The Marvel Cinematic Universe version of Loki—Thor's adopted younger brother and the Asgardi an god of mischief—has been a villain, an antihero, and a self-mythologizing playwright, but that's nothing compared to the various roles and identities he has taken on in the comics. There, he's been a twisted and evil old man, a charming schemer in line with Tom Hiddleston's movie version, a woman, a woman disguised as the Scarlet Witch, a heroic little kid, a similarly heroic (if slightly less trustworthy) teen, the Sorcerer Supreme, a U.S. politician, and—thanks to the occasional alternate reality or twisted timeline—an actual superhero with good and noble intentions. With Disney+'s Loki now giving Marvel's master of manipulation his own spin-off show, it seems like the MCU version of Loki is finally getting a chance to follow his print counterpart's lead and get wacky with alternate variations of Loki from other worlds.


For one thing, the version of Loki that Hiddleston is playing on the show isn't even the same Loki we've watched gradually become a slightly better person over the course of a decade of Marvel movies. That Loki, the one who (sort of) gave his life to save Thor in Thor: The Dark World, who fought with Thor against Hela in Ragnarok, and who actually gave his life to defend Thor in Avengers: Infinity War died at the hands of Thanos and is presumably dead forever. The Loki in the TV show is specifically the Loki from Avengers: Endgame when the heroes went back in time to collect the Infinity Stones, crossing back over their own timelines and inadvertently letting a not-yet-redeemed Loki get his hands on the Tesseract and escape immediately after the events of the first Avengers.

That's why, as seen in the trailers, Loki's been summoned to the bleakly bureaucratic offices of the Time Variance Authority, with Owen Wilson's Mobius M. Mobius enlisting Loki to help undo the damage he caused to reality when he altered the timeline. Based on the…
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