The Monday NFL Take Dump: The Saints need to play Jameis but the Eagles can't bench Wentz
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We should all be thankful for the NFC East and the Atlanta Falcons. There aren't a lot of things we can count on in 2020, but that division being a dumpster fire and the Falcons finding innovative ways to lose games are on the shortlist.

Everything else about this season, though? Complete and utter nonsense. All of a sudden, Josh Allen is the greatest quarterback in the history of the NFL. The Patriots are basically a triple-option team now. The Chargers went from nearly upsetting the Chiefs to losing to the Panthers. The Bears can't lose. The Vikings can't win.

This league is so very dumb.

Here's how dumb it is: If the season ended today, the Washington Football Team would be hosting a playoff game. I'm confident that the team with no name isn't playoff-bound, which isn't a very hot take. And you came here for hot takes. After all, this is the Take Dump, where no take is too hot and all opinions are subject to change upon further review. Here are my five spiciest takes after a long day of watching football…

It's time for the Saints to consider starting Jameis Winston

Look, I know the Saints are not benching Drew Brees. Sean Payton is going down with the ship before he pulls the greatest player in franchise history. But, as currently constructed, this Saints team isn't going anywhere with Brees playing like this.

For a second consecutive week, Alvin Kamara carried the offense and I'm not sure how sustainable that is. Especially with defenses — at least ones not coached by Mike Pettine — realizing that Brees doesn't want to throw the ball more than 10 yards downfield. This offense is going to get real easy to defend once word gets out.

To his credit, Brees was better in the loss to the Packers. It was easily his best game of the early season but that just goes to show how low the bar is right now. He didn't even attempt a pass over 20 yards and needed two quarters before he was able to complete a pass that traveled more than 10 yards in the air. His average completion traveled only 3.9 yards downfield, which would have been the lowest mark for any quarterback this season if Adam Gase's white privilege didn't exist. And luckily for Brees, Pettine did him a solid by playing a bunch of off coverage and sending the occasional blitz, which provided him with the space he needed to just be a distributor.

Will Jameis improve things? I'm not sure, but he will, at the very least, force defenses to defend the entire field, which could make up for whatever the Saints lose in the ball security department. With the way the defense is playing now (not well), a high variance quarterback might be what this team needs. The game manager stuff only works when the rest of the team is playing at a high level and that just isn't case in New Orleans right now.

Honestly, I just want to see Jameis play in this offense. It's been a few years since Payton had been able to dial up deep shots consistently, and that's when his offense is at its most fun. I'm sure he'll figure out a way to get Brees playing at an acceptable level once again, but the ceiling for this offense — and the team as a whole — isn't nearly as high with Brees refusing to throw more than a few yards downfield.

Here's the scariest part for New Orleans: If this is how Brees is playing in September, what will December look like? We've seen Brees hit a late-season wall in recent years. If we see another one, he'll fall into 2015 Peyton Manning territory in terms of washed-ness. At the point, Payton may not have a choice.

No, the Eagles shouldn't bench Carson Wentz

Carson Wentz is awful right now. Like worst-start-to-a-season-since-the-pre-merger-Buffalo-Bills awful, which has unsurprisingly led to Doug Pederson being asked about a possible quarterback change.

Doug Pederson asked what it would take to bench Carson Wentz for Jalen Hurts on WIP: "No, you don't go there. That's a knee-jerk reaction." #Eagles — Jeff McLane (@Jeff_McLane) September 28, 2020

Wentz's play has certainly warranted a benching. He's last in just about every efficiency metric out there and even more concerning has been his play in a clean pocket. Before another stinker on Sunday, Wentz was sporting a passing grade of 48.9 on plays with no pressure, per Pro Football Focus. His passer rating on those plays (71.3) would put him at 31st in the league on the OVERALL leaderboard.

But anyone calling for a QB change needs to get familiar with the concept of dead money. There's still a ton of it left on Wentz's deal and that won't change until 2022. Parting ways with him would leave behind a $59 million salary-cap charge for Philadelphia. Wentz ain't going anywhere. Not with the Eagles already in a bit of a pickle cap-wise and in no shape to just absorb that big of a hit. Their only choice is to just hope Wentz gets better.

I don't know how big it will be, but there's a rebound coming eventually. There just has to be. Wentz may never develop into the elite quarterback Eagles fans were sure he'd become back in 2017, but he's also not this. The larger sample size suggests he'll eventually remember how to football and maybe it will be in time for Philadelphia to turn things around and compete in an inept NFC East division.

So how can Pederson and the company try to accelerate that process? Maybe take some stuff off Wentz's plate by installing one of these quarterback-by-numbers offenses that are so popular around the league now. The Eagles are already calling a fair amount of play-action, but they can get those numbers up.

And if that doesn't work, they can always tell him to turn his hat around.

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