The Morning After: The best wireless headphones you can find
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We're lining up the best wireless headphones we can find, and looking at Best Buy's Amazon Prime rival.
Apple's Find My network, which lets you track your lost iPhone as it runs away on the taxi backseat you left it on (or just 'ring' it from your PC when it's lost behind your couch cushions), is expanding beyond Macs, iPhones and AirPods.

The first round of hardware includes Belkin's Soundform earbuds and the Chipolo One Spot item tracker, which are both launching next week. Surprised? Well, you shouldn't be: Apple teased the expansion of its Find My service at last year's WWDC 2020, but things have been quiet since then, possibly because most of us have gone nowhere in the last year.


The service will largely be identical between first- and third-party products. You'll see your compatible (and registered) items on the app's map interface, where you can push your devices to play a sound or lock them to your Apple ID to prevent another person from pairing with their account.

We're still expecting an Apple event very soon, which will likely tease more compatible products, and perhaps, finally, those mythical AirTags. Apple has teased its homemade tracking tags for months, but they haven't made any official appearances, beyond a mention in iOS betas.

— Mat Smith

Expect the full schedule in late April.


After canceling its developer conference last year instead of going virtual, Google is ready to bring back I/O this year. Following a tweet Wednesday morning from the Google Developers Twitter account sending users to a series of puzzles, CEO Sundar Pichai announced the show will run from May 18th to to the 20th.

Though I/O usually focuses on software, Google has also unveiled hardware at this show before so it's possible we might see some gadgets the company wants to alert developers…
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