The Oculus Go's operating system is being unlocked, John Carmack announces
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Facebook is unlocking the software and bootloader on its discontinued Oculus Go headset. The move was announced by Oculus' consulting CTO John Carmack.
Facebook is unlocking the bootloader of its discontinued Oculus Go headset and giving users full root access. That means the headset will remain useful long after official support ends. The move was announced by Oculus' consulting CTO John Carmack, who stepped down from his full-time role as CTO in 2019 to focus on his work as an independent AI researcher.

Root access will be achieved by sideloading a future software update, opening the door for anyone to modify and improve Oculus' original standalone all-in-one VR headset. Facebook originally released the Oculus Go in 2018 before supplanting it with the Oculus Quest the following year. The Go was officially discontinued in 2020.

This opens up the ability to repurpose the hardware for more things today, and means that a randomly discovered shrink wrapped headset twenty years from now will be able to update to the final software version, long after…
Jon Porter
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