The questions asked in Trump and Biden's dueling town halls
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Trump fielded multiple queries on extremist groups, while Biden tackled partisanship and the climate.
US presidential candidates Donald Trump and Joe Biden participated in the second presidential debate on Thursday, this time held virtually to accommodate safety considerations following Trump's Covid-19 diagnosis earlier this month.

Just kidding. The candidates appeared in dueling town halls at the same time on different networks, fielding different questions from different people in mutually exclusive forums that forced the American people to watch one town hall or the other, or worse, both back to back.

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There is perhaps no greater metaphor for the state of US politics than bifurcating one of the last opportunities voters have to evaluate the two candidates against each other. And there is perhaps no greater indicator of the state of the country than the noticeably different questions presented to each candidate by town hall hosts Savannah Guthrie (Trump) and George Stephanopoulos (Biden), and participating US voters.

Here are all the questions asked of Trump 🐘 and Biden 🐴 during their respective town halls. (Questions have in some cases been paraphrased or condensed.)

On coronavirus

🐘 Do you have symptoms? Did you have pneumonia? When did you test positive?

🐘 When did you last have a negative test?

🐘 Wasn't the unmasked Rose Garden party a bad idea?

🐘 Do you really believe a military family gave you Covid-19?

🐘 As president, aren't you setting a bad example by not wearing a mask?

🐘 Do you support herd immunity as a strategy?

🐘 If you knew Covid-19, as you told Bob Woodward in February, was airborne and deadlier than the flu, why did you only put in place a travel ban from China and not put in place other preventative measures?

🐘 Did your national security advisor warn you that this would be the greatest national security risk of your administration?

🐘 How are you going to get the US back on track both in terms of the economy and the pandemic?

🐘 Have your opinions on mask-wearing changed?

🐴 What would "following…
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