The Raspberry Pi 400 puts DIY computing right under your fingertips
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With the Raspberry Pi 400, the Raspberry Pi foundation wants to make computers more approachable for children and for those looking to start (or further) their coding...
In context: The low-cost Raspberry Pi computer is a revered piece of hardware among DIY enthusiasts who'll find the new Raspberry Pi 400 a much more accessible, user-friendly way to get tinkering with projects. Based on the Raspberry Pi 4, this new variant features slightly higher clock speeds and is packed inside a compact keyboard with all I/O located on the front.

career. Its chiclet keyboard houses the same Broadcom BCM2711 chip found in the Raspberry Pi 4 but has four ARM Cortex-A72 cores running at 1.8GHz, up…
Humza Aamir
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