The Tennessee River Valley Stewardship Council Celebrates World Fish Migration Day 2020
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The Tennessee River Valley is known for its aquatic diversity and tournament fishing lakes. On October 24th, we recognize the importance of conserving marine habitats and the Tennessee Valley Authority's management of the almost 41,000 square miles of watershed basin comprised of streams, rivers, and lakes.
Credit: Tennessee River Valley Stewardship Council "The Tennessee and Cumberland River systems have the highest number of rare fish species in the country, with the Upper Elk alone having nine federally listed endangered aquatic species, including eight mussel species."

Annually, World Fish Migration Day raises awareness of migratory fish and threats to their migration on waterways worldwide. This 2020 event will be held on October 24th, with a theme of "Love Flows." Organized by the World Fish Migration Foundation, this one-day global initiative calls attention to imperiled migratory fish species and the preservation and restoration of natural river networks.

"The Tennessee River's aquatic diversity and fisheries are well known to biologists and anglers," said Julie Graham, Executive…
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