The Tor Project Membership Program
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This blog post is about the project I worked on and my experience with Tor under GSoC 2020.
After spending a lot of time understanding organizational goals, writing a proposal that aligns with these goals, I eagerly awaited the result of GSoC's application – a nerve-wracking experience. I'm sure every student who submitted a proposal can relate to this experience. Getting selected to work on the proposal was a fantastic feeling, and knowing that I was going to work for a big and exciting organization like Tor added to the thrill.

The Project

I am very fortunate to have worked with the Tor Project's anti-censorship team this summer; I worked on Snowflake Proxy on Mobile. The Wiki gives an elaborate sketch about the project; The gist is that this project allows users to run a Snowflake proxy on Android, which helps users in censored countries access Tor. The project is not yet ready for release; some UI/UX work and testing remain to be done, and we hope to wrap up this work over the next few months. If anyone wants to try it out, the URLs point to the local testing environment (Snowbox) for development. It will work if you change the URL to the right broker; they can be changed using the app's settings, eliminating the need to tweak the code.

The project is the proxy component of the Snowflake circumvention system.…
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