These pumpkin cookies with spiked cream cheese frosting are like whipping up a cake, minus the work
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No cake's complete without frosting. The cream cheese frosting on these cake-like cookies is made with Irish cream
We all love cake, but we don't always love the work that goes into making a beautiful sponge. Salon resident pastry chef Meghan McGarry of Buttercream Blondie set out to simplify our time in the kitchen with her latest innovation: cookies that taste and feel exactly like cake.

"My new pumpkin cookies are exactly what you need when you want to bake something on a crisp fall weekend before curling up on the couch by the fire with a cup of coffee or a good book," McGarry says of her easy-to-make recipe. "It's like whipping up a cake, minus all of the work."


McGarry spent the past month whipping up makeovers for classic desserts that re-introduced Salon Food to a star fall fruit: apples. After a nostalgic journey that had us whipping up apple loaf cakes, apple crisp bars and apple crumb cakes, it's time to rekindle our flame with another seasonal flame: pumpkin.

"When I want something a little more filling than a cookie, but I'm not ready to make a pumpkin cake yet, this is where I go," McGarry tells Salon.


These cookies are retro, with a twist. The…
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