These roasted carrots with herbed yogurt sauce are easy to make and immensely flavorful
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Sprinkle with date strips, carrot leaves, and fennel salt. Finish with a drizzle of olive oil
This simple, flavorful roasted carrots recipe with herbed yogurt sauce comes from chef Colin Lynch of Bar Mezzana in Boston. It's also featured in Season 2 of Weekends with Yankee. Learn more in the March/April 2018 Yankee feature "A Taste of What's to Come."

For a prettier presentation, you can buy small (1/2-inch-thick) carrots with their tops attached. Trim off all but an inch of the stems, then pick and wash some of the delicate leaves for a garnish. Also, for the dinner at Chatham Bars Inn, Lynch used fennel pollen in the seasoning, but this can be difficult to find. Freshly crushed fennel seeds are a great substitute.



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