'This Comic Was Created Around 1930'

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A cartoon illustrations how disinformation recirculates through history.
AdvertisementsJust as disinformation against vaccinations resurfaced yet again in 2021, so too did a cartoon warning readers about the dangers it brings.

The oddly topical cartoon shows four men — identified as an "anti-vaccinationist," a "faddist," "Mr. Careless," and "anti-everything" — walking over a cliff labeled "misinformation" with the smallpox virus (represented by a bog) below. Even more pointedly, the first man is seen wearing a blindfold labeled as "prejudice."

A tweet showing the cartoon bearing the caption "Comic made in the 1930s. History repeats over and over" has been shared several thousand times on the platform since being published on May 2 2021:

As the Independent noted:

Smallpox is a now eradicated virus that caused high fevers, fatigues and a rash. It is estimated to have killed some 300 million people from 1900 alone and a vaccine for the illness was first developed in 1796. Despite this development, scepticism about vaccines remained high. The Anti Vaccination Society of America was founded in 1879, for instance following a visit to America by leading British anti-vaccinationist William Tebb. This contributed to the fact that the illness was not…
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