This quick and easy hack keeps your COVID vaccination card handy. Here's what to do
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There are a few apps to safely store your proof of vaccination, too.
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For the most up-to-date news and information about the coronavirus pandemic, visit the WHO and CDC websites.

This summer, unvaccinated COVID cases accounted for over 97% of all hospitalizations and deaths. But the vaccines have proven to be effective and prevent severe illness. As a result, the White House is putting vaccine mandates in place for government workers, school districts and large employers. President Joe Biden said the purpose of the federal vaccination mandates is to stem the surge of COVID-19 cases and to put pressure on those who haven't yet gotten vaccinated. Some employers, like United Airlines, have even started firing employees that are refusing the vaccine.

Given the recent mandates, your COVID vaccination card will come in handy more than before. Cities, like San Francisco, are requiring proof of vaccination to attend indoor spaces and events. That goes for kids that may be eligible for the vaccine soon, too. Plus, your vaccination card can show you got a booster shot from Pfizer, Moderna or Johnson & Johnson.

But what if you lose or damage your vaccination card? The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention doesn't keep a record of your vaccination status so it's important to keep it safe because replacing it may not be quick or easy. We'll show you how to add a digital copy to your phone. By the way, you probably shouldn't laminate it, since it prevents your health care provider from updating it with future booster shots. This story was recently updated.

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Right now, there's more than one way to show proof of vaccination

The US doesn't have a single online system or app you can use to show proof of vaccination on your phone. Instead, what qualifies as proof varies by city, county and even business. Some places may accept a picture of your vaccination card; others may require you to use an app that's authorized at state…
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