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To Build Support for Infrastructure Plan, Biden Offers His Own Take on 'Bipartisan'

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President Biden's $2 trillion infrastructure proposal is a test of his belief that he can generate popular backing across the country as Republicans seek to block him on Capitol Hill.
"These dollars are going to be welcomed in terms of repairing a lot of our infrastructure," said Mr. Dyer, a Republican. He said he was concerned about the effects of higher taxes on businesses but added that he hoped the issue would be worked out in Washington.

"There's no question the need is there," he said.

Mayor John Giles of Mesa, Ariz., called the president's proposal "a very good thing" for his city. With the money, Mesa could upgrade a 1970s-era airport tower, widen roads, extend broadband and expand a…
Michael D. Shear, Emily Cochrane, Jim Tankersley
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