To prove Robert Durst killed 1, prosecutors present evidence of 3
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In the stunning climax to "The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst," the New York real estate scion is caught on a live microphone muttering to himself, "killed them all, of course."
Prosecutors at Durst's murder trial only have to prove he killed one person: best friend Susan Berman. But they're not taking any chances. They've presented evidence that he also killed his wife and that the shooting death of a Texas neighbor was no accident.

After months of testimony and evidence spanning four decades, prosecutors make their case to the jury Wednesday in Los Angeles Superior Court that Durst, 78, silenced Berman in December 2000 before she could tell authorities how she provided a phony alibi when his wife disappeared in 1982.


There is no forensic evidence to tie him to Berman's killing case, but circumstantial evidence, incriminating statements he's made — including on the witness stand — damning testimony from friends and his ill-considered decision to participate in "The Jinx" has bolstered the prosecution's case.

"If Robert Durst gets acquitted on this case, I will be shocked along with the rest of the world," said Los Angeles attorney David Ring, who has been watching the case. "The evidence is beyond overwhelming that not only did he murder Susan Berman, but that he murdered his first wife, Kathie Durst, and also Morris Black. I mean, he got away with two murders, he's trying to get away with a third; it's not going to happen."

Durst has been behind bars since his New Orleans arrest in 2015 that came on the eve of the final episode of "The Jinx" in which he was caught in a lie about writing a note directing police to Berman's lifeless body. The FBI arrested him before he could watch the conclusion and either flee or kill himself, as he testified he planned to do.

The trial went on hiatus after only a few days in March last year when the coronavirus pandemic closed courts. It resumed in May and testimony wrapped up last week with Durst concluding three weeks on the stand…
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