Tom Hiddleston: Loki 'stripped of everything' in Disney+ series
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Tom Hiddleston discusses his Marvel character, Loki's, latest adventure in a Disney+ series, which finds him in an even more precarious situation than when he was captured by the Avengers.
Tom Hiddleston says Loki is at his most vulnerable in his Disney+ series. File Photo by Jim Ruymen/UPI | License Photo

"Avengers: Endgame" was not the last we've seen of Tom Hiddleston as Loki. File Photo by Jim Ruymen/UPI. | License Photo

LOS ANGELES, June 9 (UPI) -- Loki star Tom Hiddleston said playing the title character in the Disney+ series allowed him to explore what happens to the God of Mischief when he doesn't have his superpowers.

"Loki is stripped of everything that's familiar to him," Hiddleston said in a recent Zoom press conference. "He's stripped of his status and his power."


Loki is a supporting character in six Marvel movies and Marvel's Disney+ series picks up from a moment in the middle of Avengers: Endgame. In the blockbuster film, the Avengers travel back in time to 2012, when they first battled Loki in the first Avengers team-up movie.

Through a mix-up involving the Hulk smashing through the door, Loki ends up escaping capture in the 2012 Avengers movie. He disappears, and finds himself in unfamiliar territory when the series begins.

"Thor is not close by," Hiddleston said. "Asgard seems some distance away.…
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