Tony Bennett Reveals Alzheimer's Disease Diagnosis
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The iconic jazz musician, who has a follow-up to his 2015 album with Lady Gaga coming out in the spring, has reportedly been battling the disease since 2...
Photo by Getty Images/Getty Images for Children's Diabetes Foundation In this screengrab, Tony Bennett appears during the 2020 Carousel of Hope Ball benefiting the Children's Diabetes Foundation on October 10, 2020.

Tony Bennett has revealed he's been battling Alzheimer's disease.

The 94-year-old musician and his family made the announcement in an interview with AARP The Magazine published on Monday. First diagnosed in 2016, the report explains that Bennett's disease, which is a type of dementia that impacts memory, thinking and behavior, has since progressed to a point where it was necessary to divulge it to the public.

Life is a gift - even with Alzheimer's. Thank you to Susan and my family for their support, and @AARP The Magazine for telling my story.

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📸 Kelsey Bennett — Tony Bennett (@itstonybennett) February 1, 2021

In tandem with the diagnosis, the report announces that a follow-up to "Cheek to Cheek," Bennett's hit 2015 album with Lady Gaga, is slated for release in the spring.

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