Tor browser gets a range of privacy-enhancing improvements
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New way to create Bridges makes it easier to bypass online censorship
The Tor Project has released the latest major update to its Tor Browser which now displays V2 onion warnings and makes bypassing censorship easier thanks to the inclusion of a new way to create Bridges.

As reported by BleepingComputer, the makers of the popular anonymous browser announced last year that they would begin moving away from URLs that use onion service version 2 in favor of those that use onion service version 3. This is because Tor's new V3 URLs use cleaner code, have more robust cryptography and are less susceptible to brute-forcing due to their longer URLs.

In its announcement, the Tor Project said that it would begin deprecating V2 URLs by first warning onion service operators and clients. Then beginning on July 15 of this year, Tor will no longer support V2 URLs and support for them will be removed from the browser's codebase before a new stable Tor client that disables V2 URLs completely is released in October.

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