Tor Project Receives $670K From Zcash Open Major Grants for Coding Language Upgrade - CoinDesk
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Tor fits as a "missing piece" of the Zcash privacy story said a Tor co-founder.
A project is in the works to make the Tor Client more adaptable and easier for third parties to use, with some help from Zcash Open Major Grants (ZOMG). With a better code foundation for developers to build on, solutions to existing issues on Tor will be easier for developers to address.

ZOMG announced on Tuesday that it is awarding the privacy-focused Tor Project a $670,000 grant to continue to develop Arti, a Rust coding language implementation of the Tor Client. A client is a hardware or software product that accesses a service made available by a server. Arti should make it simpler for third parties to embed and customize the Tor Client than the current implementation in the C coding language. Rust is a coding language that developers use to create software.

"Arti is a project to make an improved version of Tor that will be more reliable, more secure, and easier for other software to use," said Nick Mathewson, chief network architect and co-founder of the Tor Project. "We hope that within the next several years, Arti will become the preferred implementation of the Tor protocols."

In a release announcing the award, ZOMG said that Arti (an acronym for "A Rust Tor Implementation) is a "next generation codebase that will focus on flexibility in embedding, straightforward maintenance, flexible deployment and performance."

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The privacy coin Zcash and the Tor Project both focus on privacy, though in different arenas. Zcash focuses on making financial transactions private, while the Tor Project created the Tor (The Onion Router) browser, which users can download to help protect them against network-level surveillance. The software Tor…
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