Traveling Safely to the Tennessee River Valley During the Holidays
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For those planning a holiday trip to the Tennessee River Valley, the Explore TRV partners remind visitors to follow the local guidelines for safe practices in the region.
Credit: Explore TRV Before traveling, check for guidelines at your chosen destinations and stops along the way.

The COVID pandemic has impacted travel across the Tennessee Valley, with visitors traveling by car, RVs, and motorcycles to more rural and less crowded destinations. During this upcoming holiday and winter break travel season, the Explore TRV partners ask travelers to follow local guidelines for safe travel practices while in the region.

The Tennessee River Valley is a popular drive destination for winter breaks, holidays, and hunting trips. Even with the COVID pandemic, the summer and fall attracted many budget-conscious and safety-minded visitors who were able to enjoy the bounty of outdoor recreational activities and unique lodging options with their family and four-legged friends. As the holidays approach, the regional partners urge travelers to plan their trips and follow local guidelines while in the…
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