Trump aides talked him out of defending self in impeachment vote: NYT - Business Insider
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Deprived of his Twitter account, President Trump had be talked out of showing up to defend himself in person at the impeachment vote.
Aides talked President Trump out of showing up in person to defend himself at Wednesday's impeachment vote in the House of Representatives, reported The New York Times.

Trump has been isolated since last week's riot at the US Capitol, abandoned by allies, cut off by the business world and deprived of his Twitter account.

On Wednesday lawmakers voted 232-197 to impeach Trump, with 10 Republicans supporting the move.

Instead Trump issued a video after impeachment condemning the violence in stronger terms than before.

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President Donald Trump was talked out of showing up in person at the House of Representatives to defend himself ahead of his second impeachment, The New York Times reported.

Aides are said to have convinced the president it would be a bad idea to offer a defense…
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