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The president feels his advisors let him down and aren't defending him enough, CNN and The Washington Post reported.
President Donald Trump was isolated and despondent at the White House residence as the House of Representatives voted to impeach him for the second time on Wednesday, reports say.

Trump was impeached for his role in inciting protesters who stormed the US Capitol on January 6. Five people died as a result.

Sources told CNN he was in "self-pity mode" and "holed up in the residence." A senior administration official told The Washington Post: "The president is pretty wound up."

Many White House aides have resigned or left their post since the riot, leaving the president largely alone, both outlets said.

According to The Post, Trump feels let down by his advisors and told aides to withhold legal fees from his personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani.

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President Donald Trump cloistered himself in the White House in "self-pity mode" as the House impeached him for the second time, CNN and The Washington Post reported.

On Wednesday, the House of Representatives voted to impeach Trump over his role in inciting his supporters who went on to storm the US Capitol and destroy federal property on January 6. Five people died as a result of the violence.

The president was impeached by the House in February 2020 but later acquitted by the Republican-controlled Senate. But he now appears more likely to be convicted by the Senate, with a number of Republican Party senators turning on him in recent weeks.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is "seriously entertaining" a vote to convict…
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