Tucker Carlson: Forget democratic norms, Democrats want to punish Trump and his supporters

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So much for a peaceful transition of power.
On Friday afternoon, two Michigan state legislators met with President Trump at the White House. The topic of conversation, apparently, was election irregularities in that state. Politicians coming to Washington to talk to the head of their party is pretty conventional and happens a lot.

However, apparently it is now a felony. A guy called Richard Primus wrote a piece for noted liberal blog Politico arguing that the Republican legislators should be prosecuted for their visit to the White House. Primus is a law professor at the University of Michigan, and according to him, the lawmakers were "visibly invited to a meeting where the likely agenda involves the felony of attempting to bribe a public official."

What does "visibly invited" mean, and how exactly would Primus know that bribes were offered in the White House? Of course, Primus wouldn't know, but it's not like Politico is going to fact check a guy called Professor Primus. So they went with it.

It's now a crime to talk to Trump. Everyone knows that. That's an article of faith at MSNBC. The rest of us have been laboring under the illusion that the First Amendment still applies in this country, but MSNBC's legal experts know better. Supporters of unpopular presidents deserve the lengthiest jail sentence possible.


Here's anchor Joy Reid, a Harvard graduate, who you may remember as someone whose blog was once hacked by racist, time-traveling cyberhooligans, explaining the legal standard to viewers.

REID: As he remains holed up in the White House like an end-stage dictator, refusing to concede and frankly to just go away, dissolving into unreality while the Republican Party remains silent ... at this point, it's hard to argue with lifelong Republicans like Stuart Stevens, who are calling it sedition.

Get the scaffolds ready, ladies and gentlemen! In the considered legal opinion of an MSNBC anchor quoting an…
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