Two Low-Level Michigan Republicans Give Up on Swinging the Election by Blocking State Certification
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When Trump got wind of the refusal to certify he declared it "a beautiful thing."
The Michigan county elections board that refused to certify the November 3 vote totals Tuesday afternoon, the state deadline to do so, reversed course later that evening after a wave of condemnation from within the state and around the country. The hold up was due to two Republican representatives on the four-member Wayne County Board of Canvassers engaging in pure election shenanigans. The pair refused to certify the county's result regurgitating a claim by President Donald Trump about some vague form voter fraud in the city of Detroit. Trump and the GOP's election suspicions have focused, unsurprisingly, on majority Black cities and districts. At one point, Republican board member Monica Palmer motioned to "certify the results in the communities other than the city of Detroit." The city's population is three-quarters Black; many of the those other surrounding communities are predominantly white. You can see where this is headed.

The intention of the two Michigan Republicans was plain: By forcing a tie, and a failure to certify the single county…
Elliot Hannon
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