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There are a few skills that people frequently undervalue the importance of developing. Skills that significantly increase the impact of any developer. Writing is one of them.

The majority of software engineers are primarily concerned with improving their coding skills. It makes complete sense. This is a necessary step toward becoming a great engineer within a reasonable-sized team.

Companies that are successful, on the other hand, expand on a continuous basis. After a period, the team of software engineers will grow beyond a few dozen people, and everyone will be able to easily communicate with everyone else. People will be divided into different floors. various locations will be established for new offices. Face-to-face communication becomes insufficient. Email, chat, and video calls have become more important. The rate at which this growth occurs varies by company: some take years. It happens much faster for some of the most successful companies.

When a company grows larger, writing becomes more vital in order for messages to reach a greater audience.

Writing becomes a tool for software engineers to reach out to, talk with, and influence engineers and teams outside of their immediate peer…
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