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The Urbanista Los Angeles may not be the most complete headphones this sort of money can buy where audio quality is concerned, but they're your only choice when it comes to solar-powered battery charging. For a lot of people, this will be more than enough reason to check them out.

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If you want affordable, good-looking and lively sounding headphones, you should always consider Urbanista. But if you want noise-cancelling headphones that quite conceivably will never ever need charging from an outlet you can only consider Urbanista. For now, anyway.

The Urbanista Los Angeles are based closely on the company's very decent Miami over-ear headphones, but have a headband which features solar-cell material that draws power from any kind of light source. So where both convenience and eco-credentials are concerned, they're untouchable. And even if you can't get beneath a source of light for whatever reason, the battery life is humongous.

Sound quality is good, if a little lop-sided - just like the Miami headphones, the Los Angeles are not shy where bass is concerned. And the price is considerable by Urbanista standards, bringing some very capable rivals into play. But, of course, not one rival has a charging system as satisfying as the one that features here.

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Available now

$199 / £169 / AU$349

The Urbanista Los Angeles are on sale now for $199 / £169 / AU$349.

Unless you count the special Swarovski edition of its Miami over-ear headphones, this is the most expensive pair of headphones Urbanista has ever released, and it means the Los Angeles are lining up against some very well-regarded opposition from acknowledged big hitters like Bose, Sennheiser and Sony.

But then again, no alternative headphones have the unique specification of the Los Angeles, so perhaps 'opposition' isn't quite the right word...

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Design and features

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Effectively limitless battery life

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