U.S. Homicide Rate Soared in 2020

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There were 5,000 more murders committed in 2020 than in 2019, the highest rise since records have been kept.
The annual murder rate in the U.S. jumped by the highest percentage since the FBI first began tracking numbers in 1960. Nearly 5,000 more murders (a 29% increase) were committed in 2020 than in 2019, according to the FBI's recently released Uniform Crime Report. The previous largest one-year increase was in 1968, which saw a 12.7% rise in homicides. What made 2020 so deadly?

There are likely a myriad of factors to explain this sudden spike, but leading the pack is the growing anti-police protests and sentiments that rocked the nation following the death of George Floyd. This caused a reduction in policing. Secondarily, politicians responded to the coronavirus pandemic by shutting down much of the country for months. Putting millions of people out of work…
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