Vivaldi unlocks full versatility with Accordion Tabs and Command Chains
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Vivaldi's latest update on desktop and notebooks lets you expand tab groups with Accordion Tabs and run browser commands in a sequence with a single shortcut. Download Vivaldi 4.1.
Wired magazine recently declared that "You're Probably Not Using the Web's Best Browser" if you're not browsing with Vivaldi. While humbled by this sentiment, we know we can always improve. So we've just added even more flexibility with two brand-new features – Accordion Tabs and Command Chains – in our latest update Vivaldi 4.1.

These newcomers join Vivaldi's recent feature-set additions, which include Vivaldi Translate, the betas of Vivaldi Mail, Feed Reader, Calendar, and a lot more, only within a few weeks of the widely acclaimed launch of Vivaldi 4.0.

You can now choose from three different Tab Stack styles: Compact, Two-Level or Accordion. With Accordion tabs, tab groups can expand and minimize when active, keeping your tabs at hand without overcrowding your Tab Bar.

With Command Chains, you can chain together any of Vivaldi's 200+ browser commands and execute them in a sequence using a single shortcut, helping you perform complex actions quickly.

There's more in Vivaldi 4.1 including overall improvements with silent updates for Windows and an enhanced Reader View on your desktops and notebooks. Download now on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

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Tab overload? Expand and minimize your tab groups with a click, with new Accordion Tabs.

Yes, we love Tab Stacks. We also love options. So we've added a new one. You can now choose from three different Tab Stack styles: Compact, Two-Level, or (brand-new in this update) Accordion.

Accordion Tabs, which allow you to expand and collapse a tab stack with a click, add a new dimension to our comprehensive Tab Management.

You still have the option of Compact stack view, as well as our unique Two-level Tab Stacking, launched earlier this year, which shows all tabs in a stack when you click on a stack. You get the benefits of normal-sized tabs, like easier-to-read page titles, per tab context menus, simpler drag and drop, etc. But if you prefer vertical screen real estate, Accordion Tabs is just right.

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