Was an Oregon Republican Filmed Encouraging an Attack on the State...

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Both Republicans and Democrats have called for state Rep. Mike Nearman to be booted from the House.
Claim Oregon state Rep. Mike Nearman was videotaped showing a group how to enter the state Capitol with his help.

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AdvertisementsFootage published in June 2021 brought to light an Oregon lawmaker's role in fomenting an armed attack against his state's capitol nearly seven months earlier.

The video, first reported by the Oregonian newspaper, was captured on December 16 2020. It shows right-wing state Rep. Mike Nearman telling people how to enter the building during a special legislative session five days later:

He does so with a wink and a nod, interspersing the instructions with disclaimers that he's not giving out a real cell phone number (he is and it's his number), that he knows nothing about the planned "Operation Hall Pass" and that nothing like that will actually happen. In fact, exactly what he described did occur, prosecutors and investigators say. Protesters gathered outside the Capitol's west entrance in obvious protest of the closure, Nearman left the House chambers where lawmakers were gathered doing state business and he walked out a Capitol entrance, leaving the open door hanging long enough for angry citizens to grab it and enter.

The footage was originally posted to a YouTube account calling itself "The Black Conservative Preacher" before being republished on the newspaper's own account on that platform. It spread further on Twitter when researcher John Scott-Railton posted it on his own account:

Nearman was already under investigation for opening the door to the breach, an action that was also caught on video:

The attack took…
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