Was Snow White 'Cancelled'?

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Hyperfixation on imaginary 'cancellations' continued with a claim that fairy tale character Snow White was the latest victim of 'woke mobs.'
Claim "Woke mobs" are trying to "cancel" Snow White.

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AdvertisementsOn May 3 2021, social media rumors that Snow White was "cancelled" by "woke mobs" began circulating, pushed along by the usual disinformation purveyors:

Disneyland Revamps Snow White Ride, Adds Prince Waking Her With A Kiss. Feminists Outraged. https://t.co/HXejsnHQd1 pic.twitter.com/sL9znubo5B — The Daily Wire (@realDailyWire) May 3, 2021

'Snow White is Cancelled' Claims

In the above tweet, @realDailyWire claimed that "feminists" were "outraged" over a Disneyland Snow White ride update; in a linked post, that claim was downgraded to "some women," who seem to be less outraged than puzzled:

Disneyland, which finally reopened [on April 30 2021], has revamped its famed "Snow White" ride to include the climactic moment from the classic 1937 film in which the Prince awakens the sleeping princess with a kiss, and some women are slamming the moment, snapping, "Haven't we already agreed that consent in early Disney movies is a major issue?" […] But after Disneyland revamped the Snow White ride to culminate in "love's first kiss," Katie Dowd, the managing editor for SFGATE, a website launched by the San Francisco Chronicle in 1994, joined Julie Tremaine, a contributing editor for SFGATE covering Disneyland, to bemoan the idea that Snow White had been awakened with a kiss.

If the story sounded extremely familiar, it was likely due to the fact that several astroturfed controversies over purported cancellations of popular childrens' programs and films had alreardy erupted in 2021, in what appeared to be repeated attempts to feed an inaccurate "culture war" narrative. Among rumored cancellations in 2021 were:

Google Trends data for May 3 2021 demonstrated "breakout" interest in the topic, and it also served as an object lesson into why the "cancel culture" trope was so commonly invoked by the same sites over and over again.

A search for "Snow White" exclusively returned…
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