Watch a Champion Rock Climber Take on Bruce Lee's Grueling Training Program
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Here's how the martial arts legend trained for strength while maintaining his lean physique.
In his latest video, professional climber and YouTuber Magnus Midtbø takes on the workout that martial arts movie legend Bruce Lee used to maintain his strong, lean physique. "Bruce Lee was able to do a lot of amazing stuff, and pound-for-pound I think he was one of the strongest people to ever live," he says. "It's kind of similar to the physique you want in climbing; he's light, he's strong."

Lee reportedly credited the routine (which he did 3 times a week) with maintaining his strength, without building too much muscle that would interfere with the agility or mobility needed for martial arts. The circuit workout consists of 2 rounds of 8 exercises, with 1 minute of rest in between each set. "A lot of these exercises I haven't even…
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