Watch: University Students Learn Black Friday Has Nothing to Do with Race, Now Believe It's No Longer Problematic
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Students at the University of Florida believed the name "Black Friday" should be changed until they learned that it has nothing to do with race.
Referencing a November 18 opinion article in the Chicago Tribune called "Talk of the County: Black Friday should be renamed so it is not 'discriminating and profiling against black people,'" Campus Reform reporter Ophelie Jacobson asked students at the schools Gainesville campus if they supported changing the name of Black Friday — the day after Thanksgiving on which millions of Americans storm retail shops to get holiday deals for gifts and other items.

"I think equality's important," one student said in response, while another said "I mean, I think it's definitely a valid opinion. I kind of agree it should be changed just because Black Friday sounds offensive."

Yet another student explained to…
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