Wayne County canvasser explains her opposition to certifying election results

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Monic Palmer held a Nov. 20 press conference explaining her decision to rescind her vote certifying the general election
Monica Palmer, a Republican member of the Wayne County Board of Canvassers chairperson who made national news this week by opposing, then supporting, then again opposing certification of election results, said she her decision was not influenced by a phone call from President Donald Trump on Tuesday.

Palmer held a press conference Friday, Nov. 20 to address questions about an affidavit she signed seeking to rescind her vote to certify results of Wayne County's election.

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Trump called Palmer, who has served on the Wayne County Board of Canvassers for two years, following a five-hour meeting in which the board was initiailly split 2-2 on certifying the results before eventually coming to a unanimous vote to make the count official. She said she took the phone call in her car with fellow Republican Wayne County canvasser William Hartmann.

Palmer and Hartmann initially voted against certifying the election because of unexplained, imbalanced precincts in Detroit. After three hours of being grilled by residents following the controversial vote, Democrat canvasser Johnathan Kinloch motioned a compromise of certifying the election so long as the board demands a comprehensive audit of Wayne County's results.

"(Trump) thanked me for my service as a canvasser and asked me how I was doing," Palmer said. "There was a genuine concern for my safety."

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Palmer denies Trump influenced her decision to sign an affidavit rescinding her vote to certify the election the following day, Nov. 18.

"This isn't about the presidential election," Palmer said. "My vote no was to ensure the voters of Detroit could have a recount. The motion to certify was contingent on the comprehensive audit being preformed before the election results were…
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