Well, hi-diddly-ho, Portland now has a bridge called "Ned Flanders Crossing"

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A new pedestrian and bicycle bridge has been named after the Simpsons' neighbor
Portland, wanting the perfect name for its stupid, sexy new bridge, has decided to name it after The Simpsons' god-fearing, m ustache -wearing, sweater enthusiast, Ned Flanders. The city unveiled its ode to a character its website calls a "beloved cartoon optimist, left-hander, beleaguered friend of Homer Simpson, and avatar of neighborliness" last week, describing Flanders in terms far nicer than alternatives like "religious fanatic" and "busybody."


The new Ned Flanders Crossing pedestrian and cyclist bridge crosses I-405 and was given its name in recognition of Portland's own Matt Groening. "Despite many unofficial Simpsons-related Portland locations," the site reads, passing along a link to some of…
Reid McCarter
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