Whales Suddenly Move 544,000,000 XRP in Series of Giant Transactions – Here's Where the Crypto Is Going | The Daily Hodl

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Whales are busy moving their XRP holdings in huge numbers after the crypto asset's recent spike to yearly highs.
In all, a total of just over 544 million XRP worth $352.8 million was transferred in the last 24 hours. One unknown wallet transferred 100 million XRP worth $65.2 million to a separate unknown wallet. The same unknown wallet sent another 100 million XRP to the same receiving wallet in an identical transaction one minute later.


The Ripple Genesis Wallet also transferred 116.5 million XRP worth $75.7 million to an unknown wallet.

Additionally, Binance received a total of 34 million XRP worth about $22 million from a single unknown wallet across two separate transactions.

On top of these transactions, whales moved 194.2 million XRP worth $124.7 million in the last day. Four of the transfers involve moving the XRP from unknown wallets to crypto exchanges.

One transaction moved the XRP from Ripple to an unknown wallet and another transaction moved the…
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