'What HAPPENED to you?!' Soledad O'Brien under FIRE for telling tweep who lost a family member to COVID to 'go away'

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Wow, this was really bad, Soledad.
We cover a lot of people who have been broken by President Trump.

It's sad watching accounts we used to think belonged to fairly smart people completely fall apart and turn into nothing more than glorified, blue-check trolls. Take Soledad O'Brien for example, we're not entirely sure why she decided to quote-tweet a smaller account sharing a story about Americans from the New York Times but here we are:

Nope: When public health is politicized. When politicians see the value in undermining science. When that strategy is given a massive media platform (hiya fox news) and other media platforms willingly give space to it in the service of "both sides" (hiya USA Today), you get this. https://t.co/p7hn67EJHN — Soledad O'Brien (@soledadobrien) July 17, 2020


We're honestly shocked she went after USA Today but she only did so to make her point that the Right is trying to politicize the virus. Hate to break it to her, but the moment governors starting mandating people wear a mask it all became political.

Sorry, not sorry.

The media has plenty of blame here. First, they tell us it's not as bad as the flu. Then they bring out experts who tell us not to wear masks, that they won't stop covid anyway. They scare everyone away from a drug based on a report by a science fiction writer and a porn queen — Jen DinNJ (@JenDinnj) July 17, 2020

What she said.

You cheer on protests where hundreds or even thousands are packed together. You downright slobber all over the guy who killed thousands of nursing home patients boosting his "I'm such a hero" posters. Then you have the nards to screech "Why aren't people following the science?" — Jen DinNJ (@JenDinnj) July 17, 2020

What she said.


Dude. The strawmans you throw out do not negate the fact that people like you are willfully ignorant to facts provided. You see what you want, not what actually is, all the while propping up an administration who purposely bungled this from day one. Stop. And I thank you. —…
Sam Janney
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