What Is Blue Ammonia? Saudi Arabia Makes Maiden Shipment Of The Fuel To Japan

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Saudi Arabia has shipped 40 metric tons of blue ammonia to Japan for a pilot project in clean energy production.
KEY POINTS Saudi Arabia shipped 40 mt of blue ammonia to Japan

30 million mt of blue ammonia could fulfill 10% of Japan's energy needs

Hydrogen-based fuel could be cheaper and cleaner

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Saudi Arabia and Japan have joined forces to use blue ammonia as a source of electricity with zero carbon emissions, and the former has sent over the first shipment of the same for use in power generation. The collaboration is important for both countries: Japan aims to be a world-leader in the use of hydrogen; Saudi, a leading oil producer, wants to clean up its reputation as a producer of dirty energy.

Ammonia contains about 18% hydrogen by weight, which gives it an advantage over fossil fuels as it releases no carbon dioxide when combusted in a thermal power plant. Blue ammonia is ammonia used as feedstock to make blue hydrogen, which is essentially hydrogen made from fossil fuels through a process that captures and stores the carbon dioxide produced rather than release it into the atmosphere. In the emerging ammonia economy, while blue…
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