What's open and what's closed on Indigenous Peoples' Day/Columbus Day 2021

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The day is federally known as Columbus Day, but a growing number of cities in the past 50 years have changed it to Indigenous Peoples' Day to acknowledge that Christopher Columbus didn't actually discover America and there were people living here already.
Monday, Oct. 11, is a federal holiday, which could affect what's open.

Some Minnesota cities now recognize the day as Indigenous Peoples' Day, including Minneapolis, St. Paul and Mankato.

As it is with many federal holidays, some services will be affected. But unlike some of the major holidays, many things will still be open. Below is a list of places that are open and closed, but check with a specific business before visiting to make sure they're open.


The United States Postal Service offices are closed Monday, so mail won't be delivered.

However, FedEx and UPS are still open, so if you're sending or receiving a package through them, they'll be up and running.

Federal services

Since Columbus Day is a federal holiday, federal offices in Minnesota are closed, including the U.S. District…
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