What's the deal with nano weed edibles?

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Nano emulsion edibles are on the rise, but is it worth trying?
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Edibles are always a gamble, but up-and-coming nanotechnology in the cannabis space may make popping a weed gummy a more predictable experience.

As someone who lives in a state where marijuana is recreationally legal and regularly consumes potent cannabis products, I like to think that I have a relatively high tolerance for weed. Edibles, though, are a wild card; it's difficult to find a consistent happy medium between not feeling anything at all or getting too high and being too aware of my eyelids.

Weed-infused gummies, chocolates, and baked goods tend to be so unpredictable because THC absorption into your bloodstream can be delayed depending on how much of the edible you had, and how much you ate before downing the edible. Delayed absorption can make predicting onset — when you start to actually feel high — a challenge, which is how people can commonly fall into the trap of consuming more edibles and ending up absolutely zooted.

Typical onset for normal edibles can range from 45 minutes to two hours, depending on the consumer's metabolism and what they ate beforehand. This is why taking too much before feeling high is such a common mistake. Nano weed products aim to make that starting point, and the entire edible experience, less chaotic.

Cameron Clarke, the CEO of Sunderstorm, which manufactures Kanha nanotech gummies, explained the appeal of nanotech edibles is in its faster onset. Sunderstorm claims users will begin feeling the effects of Kanha nano gummies within 15 minutes, so they're less likely to make the mistake of taking another dose or too much before the edible kicks in.

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"So what that means is that these particles [THC and CBD] get into the blood very, very quickly,…
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