What to Know About Loki's Time Variance Authority

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It could have huge implications for the MCU's timeline.
Loki has made his Marvel streaming debut, tesseract portalling into Disney+'s Loki and straight into the hands of Marvel's fictional bureaucracy, the Time Variance Authority (TVA). A force in the Marvel comics since 1986, the TVA is charged with monitoring every existent event across multiple worlds and universes. They exist in a—space? world? domain? who knows—somehow outside of time itself. They are run by specially created beings who are born to push papers and file reports. They are the gods among gods.

The TVA's introduction into the MCU, however, isn't without potential complications, and in a franchise that has flirted with a multiverse, it may also have big consequences.

Early into the first episode, it's explained that the entire reality of the MCU currently resides on a single timeline. Everything we've ever known exists here. There have, however, been intimations that other realities exist—Doctor Strange has access to these branching timelines that somehow exist (or could exist) as separate realities. But we haven't fully explored these. And, according to the TVA, those other realities don't exist ... yet. But it's kind of unclear how they would not know about their future existence. Unless the TVA is limited to only one reality. But we know…
Josh St. Clair
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