What we learned this week in the trial of Elizabeth Holmes

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The trial of Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes concluded its fourth week on Friday, with the lengthiest witness testimony of the trial so far.
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That testimony has come from former Theranos lab director Adam Rosendorff, who has been on the stand for four days and will continue his testimony Tuesday. Rosendorff said on the stand that he "felt pressured to vouch for tests that I did not have confidence in" and that he "felt obligated from a moral and ethical perspective" to tell the public what was happening at the company.

The defense has argued that the accuracy and reliability of the company's tests were not Holmes' responsibility, and that the legal responsibility fell to those running the lab.

A key source revealed

Rosendorff testified Tuesday that after leaving the company he spoke off the record to then Wall Street Journal reporter John Carreyrou because he "felt obligated from a moral and ethical perspective to alert the public." Carreyrou, who broke the company wide open in 2015, tweeted that Rosendorff was "my first and most important source."

An outside scientist

The only other witness to take the stand this week was Victoria Sung, a scientist who interacted with Theranos while working at bio pharma company Celgene around 2009. Celgene had entered into an agreement with Theranos at the time to run blood tests for a drug it was developing to help treat anemia, Sung testified.

But the company ultimately decided against using Theranos, she said, because in a comparison with more established companies its "results didn't match up or coordinate or align as closely as we would like."

An update on Holmes' possible abuse defense

More court documents were unsealed this week pertaining to the pre-trial bombshell that Holmes may claim she was the victim of intimate partner violence at the hands of her ex-boyfriend and former Theranos chief operating officer,…
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