What Will the Lincoln Project Do After Trump?

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The group is thinking about becoming a media company. But can it succeed without its muse?
The Lincoln Project is betting that anti-Trumpism can outlast Donald Trump's presidency. On Tuesday, Axios reported that the group of ad-making former Republicans "is weighing offers from different television studios, podcast networks, and book publishers." Everything, it seems, is on the table: The group is currently producing a documentary about the election while studios want the Lincoln Project's help in developing "a House of Cards–like fiction series," definitive proof that the Golden Age of Television is behind us.

Given its status as a viral ad hitmaker, it's not surprising that eyeball-obsessed media executives are eyeing the Lincoln Project as a partner. "As a media business, we're putting a pretty big bet on the idea that they know how to get audiences," United Talent Agency's Ra Kumar told Axios. Studios, networks, and publishers need big…
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